Wednesday, October 8, 2008

internet overdose

new day, new mood.  

here is a big fat dose of the WORLD WIDE WEB and a look into the safe for work section of history of my trusty safari browser. 

sorry, the formatting on this post is shit but i'm a lazy fuck and need to get my ass in the shower now

how cool is this? (didn't actually get to see too much of nuit blanche but I DID have a great time and a hangover the next morning)

Farah Yusuf & Alex Stephan, r u part of the art?

Photo: Aubrey Arenas

r u part of the art?2008 nuit blanche

Farah Yusuf - Toronto, Canada
Alex Stephan - Toronto, Canada

Conceptual intervention

Text 'yes' to 647-989-7707. The public is invited to subscribe to mobile text alerts that are sent to their cell phones at regular intervals over the course of the night. The text messages are instructions that they are asked to perform -- some will require acts that are social or demonstrative in nature, while other instructions are vague and introspective. By allowing the collaborative unpredictability of the user experience, the interpretation of the work is entirely in their domain. It is at once both public spectacle and private contemplation. "r u part of the art” investigates the social dimension of participation in this highly networked culture. The use of the cell phone and text messaging as the delivery medium provides an immediacy of execution that transcends spatial boundaries. Participation is a key element to the piece. Whether that participation is physical or symbolic, the goal is to blur the line between performer and audience. No premium mobile fees apply to use this service. Regular carrier charges apply as per your individual service contract.


What am i going to make for the birthday festivities this weekend? Thai meatballs in a coconut milk, peanut curry sauce.


Researching articles for my speech on eating LESS meat. not eating no meat. just less. if your looking for motivation as to why this is a good idea not only for your own health but also the health of the one and only planet we have, look no further. Rethinking the meat guzzler by Mark Bittman


david suzuki's daughter, Severn Suzuki (at 12) giving the speech the UN should have really listened to. in 1992. 

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