Saturday, October 4, 2008

did i write this?

Summer of failure Chronicles Vol. 1


Well, I’ve made it!  I knew two years at prestigious st Clair college would do it.  Look at me now world. My own blog.  Some would go the more conventional and financially logical route, but others such as yours truly differ in ways most can’t, or wish not to, understand.  Plus I suck at writing, apparently that’s a prerequisite to work at newspapers.  Bullshit if you ask me.  Kingdom of my own universe, or King of Nebulan 5, jobs are for suckers. Am I rambling?

Summer of failure has only just begun and before I can even say “Welfare Check,” I’ve started my own Blog.

Well then, now that formal introductions are out of the way and confidence is put to an all time low I suppose I should elaborate on what to do with my blog.  I could go for the pseudo-intellectual current affairs route but then again, intellectualism isn’t my thing (remember: St Clair College).  Do I dare to just write gibberish day in day out, like I am currently doing, forever?  Sounds like a plan.

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