Wednesday, October 29, 2008

city kids go to the country: a book on tape

please forgive my unfrequent blogging, its not you its me. 

school and brainstorming and campaigns and photoshop and websites and portfolios are running my life right now. and also my computer just told me last night its 'startup disk' was full so thanks a lot computer thats a really opportune time you chose to not be able to save things. no worries i have an external i just don't have the time to actually transfer the stuff. 

oh and i thought i ruled out going to BC for the internship because of practicality and now i'm reconsidering it because of existentialism. 

good night, sweet dreams.


fille said...

you guys are so cute! cant wait to see you. i love the photos....especially the one of you guys looking at the water and the photo is taken from behind. I can see cute tiny Melis, and your skinny legs, and d's angular nose.... i miss you.

steph said...

erin yous a cutie, and i love these shots. sp

carly. said...

give me those rubber boots
they are insanely perfect!!

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