Tuesday, September 30, 2008

tuesday loseday

blah. little miss sick face. my nose is running every second of every nanosecond. test tomorrow worth 25% of my mark that i'm feeling pretty confident about. the genius of it all is that it is a philosophy class so as long as i weave my bullshit web tight enough it will be easy peasy. i've been studying my face off for it though so that could have something to do with the confidence. 

after that daddy-o is taking me out for dinner. thia spring roll on the lakeshore. best thai restarant ever. cashew creamy vegtables here i come. mmmmmmmmm
tea for one please. who needs company when you have Descartes?
cutest little cafe in little italy. riviera cafe i believe its called. its in my old hood and i was feeling nostalgic. if you go early enough in the day the soup is always amazing and sold out by 2. I was in there at 4 ish and asked what the soup was, the lady guffed at me 'the soup is long over'. darn. 
bought THESE beauties. its a hint for my halloween costume. 

see how well they match?!?!!?!

sick + no makeup = no face

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