Monday, September 8, 2008

post summer blues

Having a bit of a sad day. looking through these pictures made it worse. the weather is cooling down, there is no humid stick to the air anymore. i love summer, i thrive in summer. give me a sweaty sunny day and i'll never get lonely. 

its raining out now. i have sever mood changes depending on the weather. i compulsively check the weather tool on my new phone to know what is happening outside, even when i'm indoors. rainy days are never happy days, it goes so much deeper then i can explain. i joke i'm obsessed with the weather but in actuality the weather controls me. i don't know how to change this.  

the president said 'you can always get back to the good places if you remember what they feel like'. its remembering thats hard, keeping that memory fresh in my mind. living like its okay that there are pieces missing.

oh and to top it all of my favorite nail polish won't open and i'm weak little single girl. gosh this isn't a good day. god damn you 'lincoln park after dark' just fucking twist already. adfskjdfsjkldfs
sorry for the blog angst, i'll snap out of it soon, it's supposed to be sunny tomorrow.

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