Saturday, September 27, 2008

housewife weekend

i am making caramel cake right now. you know, on a saturday night. all the cool kids are doing it. and by doing it i mean NOT DOING ANYTHING ON A SATURDAY NIGHT. 

major recuperation is needed from last night. my liver and i are not on speaking terms. we have an abusive relationship but that bitch will never be able to leave me. wouldn't be the first time i kicked the shit out of it and won't be the last. sorry liver, one day drinking shots of whiskey and jagger won't be the highlight of my week but until then your in for a tough ride. 

i hope the cake turns out since i don't have a candy thermometer or milk. i'm using cream instead...
its supposed to look like this when its done. except that i'm baking three small cakes in my french onion soup dishes because a)i don't have a cake pan and b) my oven is a toaster oven/convection oven. 

i know i've been mouthing off on here about all the work i have put into my home so heres a little peak of whats been going on in the past few weeks...

doing dishes at 3:00am because i couldn't sleep. 

hung this from the ceiling myself wearing huge sunglasses so that the drywall dust didn't go in my eyes. mike holmes says to always wear protection. he probably wouldn't recommend using painters tape and one nail to hang this though. 

the plants are doing well...

blog central station. apparently purple helps creativity. 

kitchen with the toaster oven IN the regular oven. it was taking up too much counter space and since i only was using the toaster oven i decided to see if it fit inside the regular oven. IT DID! its also a convection oven so its really super handy and energy efficient. 

crazy pink bathroom that has totally grown on me since first painting it. i used to hate the colour, now...not so much. 

silk scarf artwork: 4$ value village. one day i will buy a cheap frame for it. 

world map is up and i covered my bulletin board in this awesome blue geometric fabric that used to cover my entire wall when i lived in residence. its kind of hard to see in this picture but its resting on the table. which by the way i painted purple from the left over paint from the bedroom. 

another silk scarf from value village and i finally got approval to paint these closet doors the same colour as the walls. they look a 100% better and make the room look a lot larger.

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