Monday, September 29, 2008

magic bullet dip sunday football overload

From the back and all homemade: garlic extreme guacamole, amazing made it again already black bean dip, and meh salsa (added to much garlic and blended it too much, was kind of like tomato garlic sauce, the consistency was all wrong). wash it all down with banana, strawberry, mango, V8 splash, vodka 'we must be at on vacation there is fruit hanging from the side of the glass' smoothies. 

the gum is for the six cloves of garlic that went into all this stuff.

this wasn't my first run with a magic bullet but it was the first time i used the recipe book to make anything. all i can say is UNTAPPED RESOURCE. that book is gold. oh and i also made cream of asparagus soup for dinner later. so easy...wash asparagus, break of the ends and toss them in the bullet, add a clove of garlic whole, chicken stock and cream and TA DA you made amazing-ness. oh and plus i added cheese, not on the recipe but turned out great.   

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Zoeyjane said...

You've practically sold it to me, and I've spent the entire infomercial, multiple times, laughing my ass of at the people who'd buy it off the telly.

Wow, I'm a bitch.

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