Thursday, September 25, 2008

Have you ever wondered what its like to shower in heaven?

BECAUSE i can do that now. swooooooooon. 

some may debate that combining electricity and water= not the safest idea. but i think its damn purdy and so relaxing. and really? i am being totally shallow and unrealistic about this and maybe someone like that deserves a little shock to the system. i'll take my chances. 

I'm one test run in with these lights and i lived to tell you about it. 

and well... there are plenty of times i am not physically in the shower that i can enjoy this.

i was looking for a way to get more light in my bathroom without having to add a lamp. because i have limited vital counter space to contend with and loosing it would...well.. it just wasn't an option. the overhead light is blindingly bright and obnoxiously loud so this is a nice tranquil change to the anxiety inducing blare of the ceiling light. 

from the inside....
and it doesn't hurt that my shower blasts out at power-washer speeds. people have seriously taken showers in there and asked to be invited back it was so hot and awesome. can't beat the hot and awesome combo. 


fille said...

I would like to make a reservation for sometime in February 09, if that works for you.

red food colouring said...

hahaha i'll pencil you in, but thats the busy season so no promises.

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