Tuesday, September 23, 2008

this is actually a survey.

i borrowed my nana's second car and typewriter and have been enjoying using both.
heres some pictures of driving. there was construction blocking off three of the four lanes of the 401 so there was plenty of idle time to play with the settings on the camera.

there is just not enough time for things in the day. i think the changing of the seasons is bringing out this huge creative bubble in me. its like a spell. spells. i can't get over whimsical things like the spells. okay enough of that...

i have made huge progress in my apartment. screws have been coming out and new adorable things have been going up. i hand made three coat hooks from a tree that fell down at my cottage this weekend. pictures to come. (for real this time. i noticed going back i have a habit of promising pictures and not coming through.) i am so proud of them. also, i inherited four plants in two days. which kind of makes me a crazy plant lady but i'm in the denial stage right now so lets not talk about it. i water them all in a one liter wolf blass cabernet sauvignon with my super double strength or is it double super strength plant food. seriously this stuff is mental, it takes like ten iddy bitty crystals (like salt grain size), dissolve it in water and whola! your a crazy plant lady(!!!!!!!!). haaa no you just have awesome plants like me.

i have been listening to so much new pornographers lately. mainly because its been the only cd i've had in the car. can't decide if i like this video or not. it verges on creepy although i like how emotional it is. its confusing me because the effects were overdone (almost too overdone), yet at the same time i wanted more. if you dont understand what i'm saying you would not be the only one. anyway...great cd. the way each song works with the next song is awesome. i am not going to pretend to know things about music but from my basic knowledge i can tell it has 'flow'.

so remember when i said this was a survey? see right at the top there..did you just skim past that? i was serious. this was a test run of a new blogging 'style' (maybe would be the word.) i'm going to use my camera more and be a lot less like a diary. sorry...blame it on the typewriter but i am just in love with seeing my feelings on paper right now. so no more drama on here. for a while anyway....just happy stuff.

sorry i tried to make a survey but its way to late and my eyes are getting super squinty -and i'm blaming that entirely on the darkness the surrounds everything but my glowing white screen.

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