Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Blog Comments

Are they really necessary? 

I've been asking myself this more and more as I continue down this blogging path. 

A comment is the equivalent to feedback. to a pat on the back or a smile thrown your way. it can also be a place where any anonymous person can bitch about your lack of grammar or content, or whatever they god damn feel like. there are two sides to every coin. 

comments can be the push you need to keep going, or the reaffirmation that you did the right thing. but i've noticed that even this golden side of the coin can have its drawbacks. i've noticed this in smaller blogging communities, where a group of people with similar interests all read each others blogs and comment consistently. the same few people will comment, each and every post, with the same cliche lines. Great post! good thought. yay girl! your awesome, keep it up. while all positive comments...i just don't really see the point. 

so i beginning to believe that maybe people are just using comments as a way to drive people to their own blogs. a self promotion tool. they know people with similar interests will be reading around the same circles of bloggers, and if they see "miss sexy 6969" commenting on four of the six blogs they read daily, they are likely to check miss 69 out. 

which is fine. i know thats how blog networks are designed to work. 

but for shits and giggles, can we all try just a little bit harder to write something worth reading in those little comment boxes? 

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