Monday, September 15, 2008

all systems are GO

we build systems into our lives and this inhibits us from making change.  

i'll start with an explanation of what i mean when i say systems. systems are what i create to help be more efficient and make my lives easier. systems take time to develop and test out. for example, it was always a problem when people stay over at my apartment and need to leave later then I do. what happens to the house guest who doesn't want to leave at 8:00am sunday morning to go home because thats when i have to go to work? the system that has worked best is for them to keep my apartment key while i take the front door key and the mailbox key with me. they simply drop the apartment door key into my mailbox and when i come home i can fish it out and get into my apartment. simple right? this system was the brainchild of the president and was one of his best ideas to date.

so you can see how this system took some time to figure out. could i just leave the keys somewhere? can you drop the keys off at my work? have a spare set for the guests to mail back to me? this system works perfectly and isn't any extra work for either of the parties involved. 

we set up systems in our lives to make the days run smoother. moving to a new place requires all new systems. the further away from the current situation you move the bigger the system changes are going to have to be.

i'm bringing this up because i am serious about moving to BC to do my internship. ive started telling people about it so that they have expectations for me. so they expect it from me. i want to be pushed into this but i'm hesitant. why? because it requires all new systems. i won't have the luxury of my own apartment and all of my belongings to make the trip with me. i'll have to do a lot of extra leg work. i've never had a job in an ad agency before, let alone trying to get one in a city accoss the country. how do i have an interview? how do i show them my work? make connections? its all a big question mark.

but i know i want it. that much is right, and it might just be enough.  

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Zoeyjane said...

You know I totally support you. Not cuz Vancouver is anything supremely wonderful, but cuz the complete experience would be a positive, I think.

Anything you need, you've got someone to call.

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