Sunday, September 21, 2008

she keeps a picture of me in her apartment in the city

some things in this world they don't make sense, some things you don't need until they leave you...  they're the things that you miss. 
Baby, baby, baby, when all your love is gone, who will save me from all I'm up against out in this world?
Heres the thing....
I can't get over you. i've tried. i wanted to live the words that come out of my mouth. things are great i say, things have never been better. its not the same without you. i found this written in my notebook from some time last winter. its funny itsn't it, how everything changes but nothing really does. 
I miss the way your eyes look at me, I miss being in your heart. 
thinking about you, thinking about me. its never been the same since. 
Now i just feel so alone, standing here naked. empty inside and out. 
nothing to soothe me, nothing to lean on. 
i want to look out the window and see sunshine. i want my bright back. 
there was time to breath, time to think. there was progress to make and worlds to shake. 
now its just circles. 
the sun comes up but do you wake up? 

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