Sunday, September 7, 2008

i'm feeling crafty

and VERY inspired by the mixing of simple fabrics, thick textured paper, coloured thread and vintage typewriter fonts. 

this may have been brought on by the prospect of designing a business card for my mom, who offers her services as a seamstress in her spare time. 

when i proposed the idea of a business card to her she was thrilled, and took the project to the next level. Each card will have her contact information but will also include a space for an estimate on the project the client has inquired about. 

and when i'm done with this, no client will be able to resist this adorable, hand-made leave behind. 

and for my own benefit this gives me the excuse i have been waiting for to borrow my nana's typewriter and play with coloured thread on thick, textured paper. 

not sure how i stumbled across this site but if your in the market for any kind of personalized mail out announcement you should check out the Bird and Banner website. all photos are from their site. 

1 comment:

fille said...

thankyou so much. i think bird and banner have secretly been in my dreams forever.

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