Wednesday, May 20, 2009

apple blossom on my window sill

money money money. i think about it a lot in a day. how to get it, where to spend it, how much, too little, now or later blah blah blahhhh.

its never enough either. thats always the part that gets me. once i have saved up enough for onr thing i am usually tired of it...on to bigger, better, shinier more expensive things. 

if i had it i would just spend it. its happened before. i'm not saying i'm not careful with what i buy....just the frequency is higher and the remorse is lower. A cushion is always there, a buffer, a blurry line of a limit.  in the past couple months the blurry line has slowly become lower and lower, to the point of extinction. 

but thats okay now. because i have a job now. 

but lets just say i should win the jackpot tonight*. 5o something million. here are some things i may decide to spend that money on, because it will be mine to spend and it would be GLORIOUS.
*i even bought a ticket this time so this could actually friggen happen!!

this font from veer called Kewl Script. because i am a geek like that. its only $59 to use orrrr to buy the disk is $5999 (kind of a rip off i think)

i would also buy a subscription to the magazine uppercase because even though i have never actually read one in real life, i can already tell i would absolutely adore it. 

fonts, cute pictures, excellent design, colour therapy its all in this little guy. 

and then every single one of these pairs of earrings are so cute and i could picture having outfits to go with each one. how to choooooose??

yall of these are from hanaya on etsy. which ones to chooose????

and last but not least this sticker is awesome.

guhhhhh i just finished scarfing down a bag of creamy dill chips and now i feel pretty gross about that decision. after eating chips my tongue is always scraped up and super sensitive. but i can't help it because i am a CHIP LICKER. always have been, always will be. everyone knows thats how you get all the flavour off them. duhhhhhh.  

pictures of my garden to come soon. this afternoon the president and i met my mom on her lunch break and she bought us ice cream and we went to the garden centre. we are splitting two different kinds of tomato plants so we don't end up with more vegetables then we know what to do with (early girl tomatoes and tiny tim tomatoes, such cute names). as well i picked up some red peppers and hot peppers to add to the garden with the broccoli and lettuce. 


carly. said...

i am a chip licker too; it must be in our blood somewhere. i always lick the flavour off the chips first; they taste better that way!

ps: $5999 for a font?? whaaaat

carly. said...

hey erin...i noticed you had the "ads by google" that the 'monetize' button? do you really earn money from it? i was noticing that the other day and wondering if it really works...

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