Thursday, May 28, 2009

fleur violette

hi. hello. sorry. 

i know i haven't posted in a few and well its not for lack of things to do. i haven't talked about it much on here but i am actually back in school for a couple weeks. every monday for sevensix weeks to be exact. and even though it is not a rigorous schedule, it almost makes it harder to get the things done that need to be done, you know, in-between working almost every other day. 
i have a website to design and build and i couldn't be happier about that project. i'm soaking up every word the teacher says because well...websites are never going away and i've always had a secret goal of being able to make them myself. its funny how projects you are excited about seem to get done a whole lot faster then any of the other ones. 
speaking of 'the other ones'.....i have a 50 page thesis to whip out of my 'insert graphic body part'. whats my topic? LETS NOT TALK ABOUT because i don't actually have one. the clock is ticking away on me and about three months remain on this baby and yeah i'm a bit stressed about it since i don't even have a topic to submit for approval. guh. fml
as well, in the spirit of doing some work and getting PAID for it, i have a logo to design for a small business in the area. which if done well, has the possibility to lead to a job using my skillz for a web design company. kinda excited about that and also kinda clueless about what '7 bridge' means for someone who produces music. maybe it means nothing, maybe it means everything ???? maybe i need to research this.
and of course there are other factors piling on top of each other such as getting the wrong text book in the mail and having to do a test on the first three chapters before sunday. (AHHH!!!)
and other random stuff that is clouding up my mind for that class, my first (and only, ever) online class.  
well sitting here on blogger typing this isn't getting me any closer to completing any of these things. but i just thought you might like to know why it is that there are actually not enough hours in the day. 

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