Thursday, May 14, 2009

she dreams in color, she dreams in red

the little checklist below is from this website that i stumbled across. today the president and i went to buy more flowers and herbs for our little beautiful green garden. i love just walking around surrounded by every colour nature makes, smelling every natural smell and being allowed to touch and even taste things. 
laugh every day. especially when you don't want to. that's when you need to the most.

love those who are difficult to love. everyone has a story. everyone has something that makes them the way they are. see past the outside.
set goals. make plans. have dreams. think of everything you want to do. then do everything you can to make it happen.

take pictures. even if they're blurry. even if no one is looking. document your life. in color. in black and white.

write something down everyday: a poem. a list. a journal entry. a love note. get your thoughts out.
listen. to friends. to nature. to music. to a tiny heartbeat. to the person you love breathe in and out. take a moment to cherish all that you can take in.

read. reading is travel. is learning. is love. if you don't like to read, you simply haven't found something worth taking in. keep looking. everyone has a book with their name on it.

drink coffee with friends. and if you don't like coffee, drink tea. and if you don't like tea, drink lemonade. and if you don't like lemonade, drink water. and if you don't like water, go with your friend anyway. coffee shop conversations can't be beat.
try new foods. sushi. goat cheese. paneer. falafel. resist a tame palette. you won't be sorry.

go green. and not because it's cool. but because it's beautiful. and necessary. 

go organic while you're at it. start small. find a local market. make a difference.
find your style. wear something you thought you never would. try things on that look hideous on the hanger. be a maven. be marvelous.

pay attention to politics. exercise freedom. realize we don't have as much as we think. cherish what we still possess.

take time to do nothing. lay in the sun. take a car ride. nap. enjoy the ride. enjoy the journey.

buy flowers for your house when you can. the color. the life. it's therapy.
exercise. even if it hurts a little. even when your busy. even if it's just for a short time. get up. get out. get active.

never under estimate the power of 'i love you'. say it. mean it. then act like it.

acknowledge the world. then take action. donate your time. your money. your prayers. to the homeless. hungry. motherless. voiceless. in our country. and in other countries far less fortunate.
remember:: no matter how horrid a situation, it can always be worse. find joy in the fact you will never be given a mountain you can't climb. face it. embrace it. then conquer it.

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ALFIE said...

I am glad you liked the list....I don't think about these enough either---so I decided to get them in writing!

thanks for the link!

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