Monday, May 4, 2009

she was thinking of the oval of silence she would enter as soon as she left, the smooth pearl gloss of it

this is my 250th blog post. i feel pretty good about that number. there are not many things that i have put continuous effort into 250 times. besides, well, what i need to do to survive. but really, i could use a lot of improvement in that area. posting looses priority when work, life, everything just piles on top of each other. i just cant seem to find time, time is good at hiding, lurking somewhere in the future never showing herself fully. she is elusive and beautiful, and highly desirable. 
i've given up the hope of posting on days when i work. which at this point is mostly just the weekends. this week is going to be busy, i can already feel it gearing up. i'm moving my belongings out of storage in toronto tuesday and wednesday is the presidents birthday. We have ebay things to send across the continent, things to sell on kijiji and taxes to organize. all of it will be worth it though because we are getting closer and closer to being out of this hole of debt we were falling into. not 'debt' debt, but the negatives were getting higher then the positives and with our combined assets of one eleven year old car it wasn't going to resolve itself. 

this cafe is absolutely adorable. the back room has these awesome booths that are private and so comfortable looking. 

i'm so in love with these pillows. indigo blue and white, almost as good as espresso and chai tea. 
last week i went to toronto for a few days. number one thing i miss about toronto is the sushi. the amazing, tasty, chhhhhhheap sushi. this meal cost me 8.50, gracious tip included. i should open a sushi place up here ...ahhh...nevermind people here aren't ready for sushi. haha. it will  be my little secret. my little delicious secret. 

okay i'm deliriously drooling over sushi now, sweet dreams. 


carly. said...

mmm sushi! i haven't gone for sushi in awhile...sometimes i forget about it (i know, you're thinking "how could you possibly?") peterborough has some good sushi places, not as cheap as toronto though.

where are you working again right now?

red food colouring said...

i'm working at the lakehouse, its a resto in fenelon. so far its been pretty good, i like the people there for sure and they have a huge patio so come summer it will be packed, hopefully.

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