Thursday, April 30, 2009

to hell and back with me

sometimes i just need to purge all of the things that are swirling around in my head and see them in-front of me. thats when they take on shape, have a meaning, and mostly just stop being small anxieties and startle me and re appear throughout the day. 

so here goes...

i'm worried about not having our own apartment and when our friendly welcome will run out. 

i have the feeling that going back to school will being a lot of the 'what am i doing with my life' drama back into my headspace.

i wish i could be happy with my hair but i'm not sure i've ever been. 

faster, easier and cheaper should not define what i eat.

balancing living as two has been harder to grasp for me then for the other one of my two. and that's confusing because i've always thought i would be the better one for that. 

shit!!! the turkey breast isn't in the oven and we are supposed to be eating in an hour. k gotta go. haha


carly. said...

when you stress, just make a big ol' mug of tea...that's what i do!

also...i've met maybe like 10 girls in my entire life who are completely satisfied with their hair. i am totally in the same boat as you!! ...side note: why don't you dye it? you've always been blonde, the easiest way to freshen up your hair is to dye it??

red food colouring said...

its funny that you say that because i was brown for the past few months but then i just went back to blond . haha i thought i was missing the blond but really i think i'm just un satisfy-able.

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