Wednesday, April 8, 2009


i spend a lot of time on the internet. much more then most know. i hardly ever make an appearance on msn and my facebook gets about as much action as my bank account (read: zero). but just because i lurk underneath the typical social networks doesn't mean i don't get around. and nothing makes me happier then a full list of blog updates that have yet to be read. so for anyone who also suffers from a slight internet addiction i am making a promise to you to update more regularly, even if its a small hello, or a picture here and there. and to further your addiction (but mostly to make myself feel better about mine) i will start passing on good websites that i have happened to stumble upon, in hopes something may tickle your feathers. 

please 'cuse the random 'close' buttons, these are screen shots and i'm sure the actual work is much better quality and does not include any miscellaneous buttons on it. or maybe it does, butttttt i'm pretty sure it doesn't. 


carly. said...

i am totally the same way! i loooove having lots of blog updates to read...but i also go on facebook quite a bit too...then again, i sell my stuff on there so that's why as well (hahaha...originally i typed "i sell myself on there", i do not) anyway, i too wish people updated more. and i'll try to update more as well.

Zoeyjane said...

zomg, I love those letters. Imagine if they were shadow boxes with an etched piece of glass closing them in?

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