Thursday, April 16, 2009


stumbled across these adorable recipe index card holder while i was milling around poppytalk. a splendid website in itself, sort of like a filtered etsy and other handmade goods. 
these cards are from 1canoe2

i would say that majority of the recipes that i try are from the internet. mostly from it is seriously the best site i have ever found for looking up any kind of creation you can think of. they have an option to search recipes using an ingredients search, which is great for days when you look into your fridge and say what on earth can i make with pasta, butter, carrots and jam? kidding, but i've searched the most random ingredients and have never been disappointed. one of my other favorite things is that people can leave comments on the recipes, rating the finished recipe and telling any changes or substitutions they made. i know whenever i make a recipe out of a cook book i always think if i made this again i wouldn't use so much.... so you benefit from everyone elses mistakes and substitutions. 

speaking of allrecipes, i'm currently waiting impatiently for another 23 minutes until i take this out of the oven and eat up the last of the easter ham. 

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Zoeyjane said...

I love these. Like, I'm totally going to make my own.

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