Saturday, April 18, 2009

frank gehry watches for sale

we are trying out this new hip thing called ebay in hopes of making some monies. if your interested in any of the following i would cut you a discount and probably mail you a bunch of outer rad things i have laying around here that haven't been listed yet. incentive, incentive, incentive. 

all of these watches were designed by frank gehry for fossil. they are no longer sold in stores and they only way to buy them is second hand. BUT these watches have been sitting in a bag at my dad house for two years UNTOUCHED and unworn, so today folks i bring you brand spanking new watches that are no longer available in stores. a collectors item, you may say. i also have ONE of the frank gehry collectors tins that i haven't listed with any of the watches. this increases the value of the watch huge and is a pretty cool looking tin (stainless steel with felt inside). make an offer and the tin is yours too.

the coolest thing about these watches is the face. they have a digital screen that reads the time exactly the way you would say it to a person. for example it will say 4 past 8 (instead of 8:04) or quarter past 3 (instead of 3:15). it even says 10 to midnight in writing when it is 11:50. its an awesome conversation starter and in this watch geeks opinion are one of the most interesting watches ever. 


Frank Gehry's Positive/Negative Watch

Leather Bands and Titanium Face and Clasp

This watch is brand new, never been worn

These watches are no longer available in store

Fossil Tin Included with Purchase

blue leather band, stainless steel watch face. womens. bidding starts at $99.99

black leather band. womens. bidding starts at $99.99

stainless steel band and faceplate. the rarest model if anyone else is a watch nerd like me. (mens)(although the band can be adjusted to be very small) bidding starts at $449.99

black leather, stainless steel face, mens. bidding starts at $449.99 

check out our store if you want to bid, or leave me a comment.

in other news, i had an on call shift today that was cancelled so project life organization is in full swing. this is the picture that started it all....


Anonymous said...

hey there, I desperately want a positive/negative frank gehry watch

my email address is

can you email me to let me know if you have any or know of someone who does



Monnette said...

im buying it. how? im from the Philippines. I'll take the women's gehry watch.

Anonymous said...

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Rebekah said...

Since this is over a year old, and since these aren't in your ebay store, does it mean you've already sold them? I'm super interested in the black men's one if you've still got it (which I'd imagine you don't.

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