Friday, April 24, 2009

6 bananas mashed

i'm starting to feel better. as in the shards of glass in my throat have now turned into smaller more manageable scrapes. 

in between working and cleaning up the yard we have been busy little bees over here. we have entered some kind of selling mania on ebay and kijiji. see for yourself..

blue womens frank gehry watch for $125 canadian
playstation one for $46
black womens frank gehry watch for $125
a beat up eyesore of a trailer for $350 and a laptop
we almost sold a pool slide for 50$ but when we were disassembling it, it cracked :(
we have gotten rid of three trailer loads of the wood pile in the backyard that was old barn boards. they are going to look awesome as wide planed tongue and groove hardwood floors. 

still in auction is...
an antique pistol grip shifter currently at $150 canadian
mens black leather frank gehry watch currently at $250 US with 5 days to go
a gunmetal titanium frank gehry watch at $249 canadian
a womens blue leather frank gehry watch at $99 canadian
as well we are looking into upgrading my phone to the black berry curve and selling my instinct.
a partridge in a pear treeeeeeeee

we are seriously considering putting more effort into finding things to sell on ebay. right now we sort of have all this random stuff laying around to get rid of but with summer just around the bend, yard sale season will be in full swing. ceramics, plates, the usual stuff people can't be bothered to sell themselves beyond putting it on a table in their front yard is fair game to turn a profit on. plus this being such an 'elderly community' i feel like there will definitely be some antiques and collectables to be discovered. 

i'm writing this waiting for two bunches of bananas to defrost and then a double batch of homemade banana bread will be rising in the oven and wafting around the house. perfect for this weekend that was forecasted to be gorgeous but now has turned into a grey sky drizzle rain with thunder showers on the way. thumbs down. 

not to end on such a downer, make your own banner from somethings hiding in here, is beyond adorable. 


1 comment:

carly. said...

that quote is sooooo true. and something i really needed to hear right now so thanks!

congrats on the ebay selling streak! must be nice to have some cash coming in...

also. those banners are too cute.

ps: post more!

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