Thursday, April 9, 2009

somethings hiding in here

i'm not sure where i stumbled across somethings hiding in here but i am so glad that i did. i always get so excited when this duo from philadelphia updates their blog and shares what they have been working on. shauna and stephen have an etsy store that is defiantly worth checking out.

things i love about their loft:
there is a swing in it
they have reached a perfect craft/live balance
collections, collections and more collections
the handmade headboard with room for guess what? a collection!
it has a homey feeling without being cluttered

one of my favorite projects of theirs was the Your message here project. 
inspired by industrial letter signs, multi colored text, and everyday sayings... we made our own marquee sign out of wood. now the fun part begins, we want to collect your messages to post on the sign. we're not looking for insightful proverbs, but rather ordinary, simple sentiments.

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