Wednesday, April 8, 2009

find the matching pair of socks:

answer: its true, NONE of these socks match. proof the dryer really does eat socks. where did they all go?! fml.

in other semi-exciting non-laundry news i found a wicked new product online. AND they have free samples! 
its called idea paint and you can just roll it onto any surface and it turns it into a dry erase board! how cool would this be for labeling jars in the kitchen, storage totes or turning a blah table into a something wickedly customizable. i wonder how big the sample will be? doesn't really matter anything that comes in the mail thats not bills is a thrill. 

1 comment:

carly. said...

cooooooooool. i want some! i also love the paint that turns into a chalkboard as well. i just wish i had my own place to paint with this stuff! lol. i'm down for the free sample too!

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