Friday, May 8, 2009

we are shocked to be here in the face of the meantime

three boys versus one pool liner. 
and the winner is ......da boyz
it was a dirty, stinky, disgusting job that i wanted nothing to do with. except to act like the paparazzi and annoy them with my camera.
why would we be ripping the liner out? because this pool hasn't been functional in at least three years, has no pump, would have to be re-concreted and re-lined and then re-filled with clean water. and that all comes with a hefty price tag. the house we call home is essentially a flip house and always has one project or another going on. its exciting. 
the plan for the 'pool' is to break up the concrete even more then it already is and then fill it in with yard waste and soil. we will keep the shape of the pool and the concrete walkway around it and make it into a vegetable garden. which will smell a whole lot better then what is wafting out of there now. 

yesterday and the day before i transported some wild lily's from one garden to a little patch of ground that i dug up infront of the back deck. they will grow to be about three feet tall and will look amazing growing up the side of the deck, closing it in. as well, i started my second attempt at growing a herb garden. last years didn't work out so well but i have much higher hopes this year. mostly because they will be able to grow outside instead of in my toronto window. i bought two spearmint plants, basil, rosemary, thyme, and sage. there was already chives growing in another garden that i added to my little herb utopia. 

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