Thursday, May 21, 2009

standing there with your smile blinding your eyes from seeing

last night the president finished work early and came home and whispered the magic words that make me fall in love every time. 
'want to get kawartha dairy ice cream?'
ummmmm YES YES YES in a waffle cone with a cherry on top! 

it was a perfect night for a walk and talk. high on summer and sunsets. 

if you've never had kawartha dairy ice cream, let me tell you this is not your average run of the mill sugar plus cream plus flavor crap. kd is made in heaven by angels dressed as milk maids and you can taste that in every lick. it is beyond amazing. it is natural, homemade, comes in probably 100 different flavours and really there is just nothing else that compares to it. 
so if you haven't tried it, may i suggest you do. and may i also suggest bordeaux cherry. 

when i lived in toronto i randomly found a convenience store on bloor street that carried the kawartha dairy ice cream bricks. i would never lie to you and tell you i didn't go back multiple hundred times to get my fix. 

and then the sun was setting, and i was full of ice cream and covered in bug bites picking flowers off trees. 

pretty much the end of the story is, i am sure that summer is here. xoxo


carly. said...

you can't say no to kawartha dairy icecream. it's the best thing in the whole world! yep, the whole entire thing...

i love living in peterborough for that reason...and that reason alone (haha, well ONE of the reasons i love living here) mikey is a key factor too...but very close, kawartha dairy is THAT good.

red food colouring said...

you can't even describe how amazing it is. well i tried, and i couldn't even do it justice. its soooooooo good.
i'm glad that peterborough is within the reaches of kawartha dairy.

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