Sunday, August 9, 2009

coffee and menthols

well helloooOOoo

its been a little hectic in this neck of the woods. lateeeeely.

had a pile and a half of homework to do so instead of being productive i roadtripped off to montreal for three days with the BESTEST best friend of life. so much fun! it was my first time going and i know i will be back. the city was so welcoming, very un-toronto in that way. three times in the city people approached us asking if we needed directions. we didn't even have time to get the map out! so nice when your in a city you don't know and especially when you don't speak the same language.

we went bike riding, hill climbing, wine drinking, poutine eating, espresso sipping, finger puppeting, vintage finding, friend making, balcony rearranging and thunderstorm watching.

and i'm so glad it could have been with this special best friend because she is moving far away to france very very soon and i may not see her for a while. i'm so glad i will have this trip to think about and remember when i miss her and i think it worked out beautifully for both of us. thanks for inviting me!

i don't have any pictures of the trip except for the ones i took on my blackberry because i am waiting to get a new charger for my camera and it hasn't come yet. it was nice though, to walk around and not feel guilty for taking pictures of everything beautiful (and there was a lot). it was liberating. and made me more alert to the different colours and textures because i was studying them to remember them in my head instead of always having them on my computer. there was so many colours there, buildings in every shade beside each other, paint peeling and revealing new colours underneath. sometimes half a building was one colour while the other half was three. there were so many balconies and rooftops i'm sure the city is enjoyed from all vantage points, not just the street. there is something about sitting on a balcony, people watching without them knowing, being closer to the sun. i loved it.

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