Thursday, August 20, 2009

letter to an occupant

my dear dearest dawn. 

i think about you every time i see a bow. every time i listen to MIA paper planes. every time i see roller skates and floppy red hats. i think about you when i compare any coffee cake to yours or when i smell baking in the middle of the night. when i need a BLT in the morning i think about eating them with you in mars food. when i see red station wagons, green bicycles or hand made pottery i can't help but to think about you too. 

you and your wicked quirky ways. the way you ADD clean your room and meet me back in the living room in ten for a bong. wondering if we are bringing doug? do you got doug? wheres doug? the way that 2 in the morning was the perfect time to bake cupcakes if it weren't for the pesky fire alarm. the way the we don't got any bagels man. 

if i could go back we'd be sitting in the bovine, smiles blinding our eyes, maybe a pole dance or two. i'll go to the bathroom with you. 

riding our bikes home, too drunk to keep our eyes open. lady in power, what power? 
who do? you do. 

i miss you missy. 

and tomorrow i have to call you. one month exactly to when you walk down the aisle. and tell you i won't be in the audience. won't be there to wish you all the happiness in the world, half a world away.

fucking money. gets me every time. 

i'll miss your special day pretty lady. i'll miss your biggest smile yet, your loudest laugh, your first day of the rest of your life. and i feel pretty shitty about that darling. 

love you. always have always will. save a dance for me pretty lady. 

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