Monday, August 24, 2009

samantha robinson porcelain

sooooo i was blog hopping this morning and stumbled upon Samantha Robinsons porcelain creations and am just absolutely in LOVE with them. first off all they are porcelain, which if you've been reading for any length of time is quite a turn on for me. second they are beautiful and so unique and third, she herself is a wicked girl with an even more wicked website.  ahh i just can't get enough of them, so perfect. 

i switched some shifts around and now have THREEEEEEEE days off! what ever shall we do with ourselves? some possibilities are...
-going to a beautiful white sandy beach for the day and throwing the frisbee around, sunning and eating ice cream
-driving up to haliburton to ...well i don't really know what we would do up there...but it really is gorgeous just to drive around
-go out for breaky
-watch movies 
-make sangria 
-for some reason i am craving maybe make some homemade salsa with the tomatoes and hot peppers that are finally ripening in the garden

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