Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Guess what?!


i'm done school. i'm finished. there are no projects waiting for me to finish them, nothing nagging at the back of my mind that i should be working on. 

if you'd like to see what i have been working on the past little while you can check out my thesis at hehe. my thesis has a blog. seriously. 

AHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh freedom. 

and on that note the next big thing i am going to throw myself into is making an etsy store with my cousin. she makes all kinds of cute things and needs someplace to sell them. and i haven't made much yet BUT have had a million idea i've just had to keep telling myself i could do them once i finished school and i didn't have time to sew things when i should be writing essays. now thats all over with i'm going into this full force. i'm off to the fabric store in just over an hour to get some canvas to make something. which i can't actually tell you because its going to be a secret package for my package exchange friend margaret of paper pastries

in the inspiration folder this week were these wicked hanging plants. how cool do these look? 

and also this house tour from apartment therapy. 

mostly because i have had this wall decal for almost two years now and haven't had the chance to use it. i move around way to much to commit to loosing one of these decals. anyway, i think they used it in a really cool way and i love just happening upon these decals in different settings. 
also their use of royal blue and yellow in a bedroom is awesome and i want something in these colours now. 

now that i am finished school i am committing myself to the following things: (no more excuses!)
blogging WAY more frequently
experiment more with fabric, sewing, and general crafty-ness
open up an etsy store
research and GET a wicked job in toronto
continue to sell and minimize our belongings until we have only what we need to live and what makes us happy. no extra baggage. 

its a new start. i've worked hard to be where i am and i'm looking forward to seeing where it will take me. 

1 comment:

carly. said...

wahoo! wahoo! wahoo!!
this makes me super happy.
we need to get together soon...or at least start sending emails back and forth about what we're going to sell, ideas, names for the shop, etc etc!! my mind has been going nutso with ideas as well!!

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