Tuesday, August 11, 2009

you don't know jacques

i found a random folder on my computer labeled inspiration so obviously i clicked on it. the following pictures were in side and i'm glad i stumbled across them today. such a nice surprise.

they are a random jumble of awesome pictures which i feel perfectly matches this post of a random perfect day i had today.

this morning we woke up bright and early in our gorgeous hotel room downtown (with a roof top pool and hot tub!!) so that the president could drive me to my exam. usually i am so bad giving him directions. i wait to long to say things and then its like..ahhhh turn now! right! or even better is when i just get my pointing finger out and don't use directions at all. drives him nuts. super crazy. anyway this morning i had perfect navigation and combined with his driving we were on a mission. made it to the school early and wrote the bitch moderately difficult exam. and ta da! one more thing on my list completed.

driving home this afternoon, its the summer, music blaring, shades on, sunroof open, boyfriend sleeping beside me, finishing school finally. its all coming together.

i bought some new nail polish this afternoon. OPI my favorite brand. on SALE. also my favorite. the president picked out grey when we first got to the store and i was thinking that would be boring but the more i thought about it, the more i liked it. so i bought dark purple and grey. which i realized after were the colours i painted my last bedroom, exactly. and i love that bedroom so heres to hoping i will like it just as much on my nails.

i got a lovely packing in the mail this afternoon. something i have been waiting for patiently, and soooo excited it finally came. it deserves its own post so i won't ruin the surprise.

this afternoon was too beautiful to stay inside so off we went to the beach to enjoy the gorgeous sunshine. we played frisbee in the sand and i think i found a sporty thing that i am decent at. the president is such a coordinated, strong, sporty guy so i pretty much don't have a chance at any of the other sports we have tried. frisbee though...i'm getting there. it was fun to run around, get sweaty and laugh at each others catches and then cool off in the lake. we truely do live in a beautiful part of the world, for three months of the year anyway.

once i bought the nail polish i was looking at all the colours around me and deciding if i would like to wear that colour on my nails. i noticed that most new cars are colours i would wear as nail polish. not necessarrily the silver colours but the dark purple, red and deep blue cars made me want nail polish in that colour. even some of the greens and oranges. maybe thats taking it too far. i saw one lady who had dealer plates on the back of her new car and her nails matched the wicked deep red colour. i feel like matching my nails to my brand new car would be something i would do.

i realized today i am 80 years old. i really am.

and i'm pretty okay with that. old ladies can be so sweet and by the time i am actually old i will know all the tricks inside and out.

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carly. said...

hi pretty!!
i loved this post. so many nice colours and photos to look at. i saw grey nail polish in a magazine the other day and wanted it SUPER badly. i have yet to find it. i think it would be a WICKED colour and would look lovely...
let me know how it turns out!


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