Tuesday, August 25, 2009

hali burton

i have three whole days off this week so monday the president woke me up and had a secret plan for us for the day. i hate secrets that i don't know (as apposed to the secrets i do know about?? nevermind) and the day turned out awesome.

we took a little drivey up to haliburton ...

and saw some wolves!
but don't worry we were behind glass...they were so close though. and huge. way bigger then i thought they would be. wolves only mate with other wolves in their own pack even if they are all brothers and sisters. (hi uncle daddy!!!) but only the alpha male and female are allowed to mate so they put so much stress on all the other members of the pack they are physically unable to carry puppies. as well, whenever this pair has a litter of puppies it means they will probably loose their position as alpha male and female because these puppies grow up and then fight them for the position. so the more puppies they bring into the pack the greater chance a young wolf will be able to fight them for the top position.

and you thought your family was full of drama. haha
then we went out for dinner and walked around 'downtown' haliburton. very cute, and quite and right on the water.

and then we saw a deer!! he was so adorable just eating crab apples not very scared of us.

after that we went to see the time travellers wife. which was awesome. i would recommend reading the book first but only because the book is so full of detail and the way its written really gets right into your heart. the movie followed the book pretty well, if anything i would say it just didn't put as much emphasis on the way the characters were dealing with the situations, what they were feeling inside -but that usually is the case with 2 hour movies that used to have 2000 pages to tell the story.

last night i made something amazing that i have wanted to do all summer. this is the clue...


Anonymous said...

hahaha, I was scrolling too quickly through your pictures and the pics of the wolves followed by the pic of you on the rock made it seem like you were just chillin with the wolves. but i know that wolf place! it's awesome.

Also, I tried to make my own "summer of" list.... pretty much the summer of

1)garbage (literally)
3)renting VHS from the library



fille said...

i miss you dear friend. i watched that movie with jaime and we cried. not just sniffles but hold eachothers hands and full out cry in the theatre kind of cry. my glasses steamed from the tears. but it was still so good.


thats the word verification

fille said...

and dave, i miss you too.


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