Wednesday, November 9, 2011


-Finish all holiday shopping online by December 1st. 
-Buy as many handmade, local and artisan products as possible
-Design and launch before the new year
-Sell my car and buy a different one as soon as possible
-Organize all my bills and payments both online and in paper format 
-Pay off my credit card (again!)(how does it do that?!)
-Book a holiday for my 25th birthday somewhere warm and all inclusive
-Book another laser hair removal appointment (best groupon deal ever) 
-Eat healthy lunches and dinners and as many vegetables as possible
-Bake holiday cookies

Lately life has been really busy but also very fulfilling. I honestly haven't watched any of my 'shows' in about three weeks. I prefer to listen to records and get things done around the apartment, go to Pilates classes and cook real dinners in the evening. Its amazing how cutting out one thing from my priorities list can have such an impact on how much fee time I have. Its not important that I know who was the last team to arrive on Amazing Race or who Dexter's next victim was.  

I good friend cut out internet time for the same reason and although I see for him it was the same ideals, there is just NO way I could stop my internet time. BUT I can be more strategic, and use my time better. Its all about balance. 

p.s. this lovely fall weather is welcome to stay until spring! 


Anonymous said...

you are so white!

miss teacups. said...

haha the anonymous comment is funny! and yes...yes you are...


ANYWAY! i too would like to have my holiday shopping done before the 1st, and i'm also trying to do it online/handmade/local as well :) it's actually quite easy!

i know what you mean about the visa...gosh darnit, i constantly feel like my goal is to get it back down to $0

i need to come for a visit soon!

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