Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Life In Blackberry Pictures

furniture showroom for work

favorite chair

weekend love

hahahaha missing foot

spadina and college

friends for life

new records, blurry bathroom pictures


bought wayyyyy too much

sushi island date

cool new store on college

KLB (Kawartha Lakes Brewery) at Utopia. 

girl date

lonnnnng nights and sparkling lights

excuse me but your cat is trying to steal my soul

lucky rainbows

beautiful drives

new kitchen table

PB and J

taco night

wine men

cheesecake for breakfast

at the office. favorite mug for coffee

someone put me in charge of birthdays

new ring. love love love. 


miss teacups. said...

soooo first things first,
you look amazing! your hair is looking so so so perfectly great right now! i love everything about it.

secondly, you need to wear red lipstick always. you look great in it.

thirdly, i wanna go shopping and buy wayyyy too much (with you)

fourthly, i love melissas sweater (in the photo that looks like it was taken in...bluenotes?)

fifthly, i love you!

Anonymous said...

okay i'm obsessed with your owl ring, too.

aaaaand i don't like your hair all curly and night-cluby it makes you look like a cougar/35yrs old

(I almost said "but I"m gay, so what do I know about what looks good on women"....then I realized THE ENTIRE FASHION INDUSTRY IS GAY)

My dad made scotch bonnet hot sauce I think you would like. (turning into an email right now)

why can't you figure out how to rotate those pictures? you went to humber for three years, figure it out!

mel said...

so, where do you work, and are they hiring?
i want you in charge of birthdays at my work too.
and i would get special goodies for yours too ;)

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