Tuesday, November 8, 2011

your part of the world

last weekend was one of those times when I just needed to get out of the city, take some deep breaths of fresh air, walk with no destination in mind, laugh until it hurt, eat home cooked food and remember what is important in life.

it was an absolutely gorgeous weekend and I took full advantage of it.

Highlights of the weekend include:

-buzz light year pinata
-learning I am kick ass at flip cup
-cap gun fights on *almost* empty streets
-early morning wake ups
-amazing coffee with kawartha dairy cream
-steamy bathrooms and sing alongs
-perfect fall weather
-a harvey's picnic
-photo-bombing horrible family photos
-AMAZING home cooked ribs
-learning to trust my heart, learning to be honest with my feelings, learning that the scariest things are usually right
-tap dancing to the radio
-playing the drums (!)
-remembering the time change and the extra hour it gave us at 2pm
-and of course spinning

its crazy how in life you can plan your destination and the route and think your going from point A to point B but life has a way of changing that on you. If you would have told me all the things that are going on in my life right now I would have told you YOUR CRAZY. all bolded with capitols. seriously.

but heres the thing.

sometimes its out of your control. sometimes the world just sets up a perfect scenario and I'm the crazy one for not exploring it.

sometimes you need to make the best out of a situation and sometimes life just hands you the best thing since sliced bread.

i'll eat mine with PB&J please.



miss teacups. said...

i saw your mum & ian at H&M this weekend!! they came in for a visit, i unfortunately didn't have a break that day so the visit was short...but it was great to see your mum, it's been a long time!

meredith r. mistletoe said...

aaawww looks lovely

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