Sunday, November 20, 2011

your heart sweats, your teeth grind

where to begin?


probably here.

you know whats weird? talking about your blog in real life. actually mostly just when people talk to me about my blog in real life. okay so i know if i can blog things then i should be able to carry a conversation about them. but somehow it always catches me off guard.

I also secretly wish everyone had a blog so i can know whats really going on with them and where their heads at.

there are things that are easier to blog about then to talk about.

and there are things I will go on and on about in real life and you will never know from reading this. granted of course, that you actually know me and we are three whiskeys deep.

sometimes I think this blog really probably only makes sense to me.

not a big concern really.

how is it midnight already?

listen to that Florence video up there, I found it on a youtube playlist and its really doing it for me right now.

still not over Son of a Preacher Man though....really not at all. track 12 on my car cd. again and again. fact.

and thats all she wrote.



miss teacups. said...

i find it strange talking about my blog to people in real life too...other than close friends. some people who have known me for years still don't know that i blog.

Anonymous said...

"Three Whiskeys Deep" is the title of your porno-autobiography.

are you on etsy still? I decided to post all my shit up on there, and it's kind of like facebook except everyone can knit.

phone date?
phone date.


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