Friday, November 4, 2011

shutter speed

operation pictures.

its starting today. I honestly have so many things to take pictures of. so many things I see and just want to remember in my mind.

I know this is all I talk about anymore but I am prettttttttttty stoked about the weekend. what can I say? I have great friends who make weekends awesome.

Brother Ian and I are driving up north this afternoon as soon as we can leave our respective jobs and hitting the road. I've got belly laughs and late nights on the brain.

and of course baileys. its not the weekend without baileys coffee.

p.s. i love this mug "My dad is the greatest" and its pretty true. Mostly because HE bought ME the mug. hahhaa. for MY birthday! oh dad.

Don't you love this blanket? my BLOGLESS friend dave brought it when he slept on my couch. every square is different and beautiful. there is a yellow and blue one that is my favorite.

I'm going to make a better effort with the camera. JUST YOU WAIT.

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