Wednesday, November 16, 2011

let the only sound be the over flow

can you believe its already the middle of November? it seems like halloween was yesterday. I'm trying not to let the holidays sneak up on me this year. 

real tree again. might even get some decorations for it WHO KNOWS? lights on lights though. white sparkly twinkely lights. 

i can remember being a kid and sitting in the living room with the lights on the tree on and every other light off. watching some of decorations turn and others with porcelain faces stare in the same direction. 

this is going to be a good winter though. I can feel it. normally I don't like winter but this year I have things to look forward to. 

I'm going to be 25 in march. twenty fucking five. 

biggest age i've ever been. 


also, most grown up sounding. there is something about 25. you enter the second half of your twenties. after this people always round you up, your grouped with the 30's now. I want to be doing things that 30 year olds do. 

is that weird? 

it is.

I want things like a condo, a non-piece of crap car, a clean apartment, a work out routine, and friends I can hang out with in my underwear.  

thats what excites me today. does this food below. its from St. Dave's Diner in lindsay and it was fucking phenomenal. 

because I was served hot coffee minutes after sitting down and everyone was given the biggest pail of water named the 'hangover cups'. and when we ordered pickles she brought us a whole dish of pickles. 

are you reading that? A WHOLE DISH OF PICKLES. hallelujah. praise the lord! do you know what I go through to get more then 6 sliced pickles on my sub? serve me a pickle appetizer we are friends forever. 

I think she even refilled it. 


I ordered pulled pork and a poutine. not my finest moment but didn't regret a second of it. 

my kind of place, St. Dave's. 

and if its your birthday, dave himself will come out and sing happy birthday for you and give you chocolate in a dish with a sparkler on top. its true. I witnessed it myself. 


miss teacups. said...

look at you all pretty without makeup on :)

also, i want to be doing those same things, that 30 year olds too, i talked about that in my blog post the other day. by no means do i want to wish my life away but i want those things...and babies...

mel said...

oh boy. this is a blog post about 3 of my food weaknesses.
Seriously she refilled the pickles? I may have to rent a car on a hangover day sometime to experience this. ahhhh yeah.

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