Friday, November 11, 2011

things you may not know about me..

I have a big concern for clean hands. when I get home I the first thing I do is wash my hands. along the same lines...dirty fingernails give me the heeeby jeebies. can't stand them, on me or other people.

Maybelline and Avon. I have been using the same brand of concealer and eyeliner since middle school.

I did ballet (but also jazz, modern, and tap) for over ten years. I was also on my highschool curling team and curled competitively for 6 years. I even went to curling camp in the summer time.

My fuck it plan involves a huge garden, an old farm house with a wrap around porch and no cell phone.

I'd like to get a side piece tattoo but I'm worried it will stretch out and look bad when I have kids. I have one tattoo now on my ankle.

I'm wicked good at parallel parking.

I need some good ideas for lunches.

I will smoke menthols when I drink and when I drive. never when i'm drunk driving though. (kidding mom!)

I get incredibly addicted to certain songs and will listen to them on repeat all day until I move on to another song.

Tara was the name of my husky/alaskan malamute growing up, she never barked and I would get a husky in a second if I had the space for it.

There is a street near me named Clendennan. I love the way my mouth feels when I say it.

I've recently fallen for someone. I didn't think it would happen so soon but you can't plan life and when everything feels perfect its hard to deny.


Anonymous said...

okay you need to make a slide show with those pictures of you pole dancing to the song Private Dancer by Tina Turner. Blog request!

Fuck It Plans! So necessary in life. Right now my Fuck It Plan is stay here until I can bench my own body weight then move to Peterborough and become a huge slut. Whooops....kind of my real life plan? ....and somewhere in there grow broccoli again.

Lunch ideas? Turkey bacon avocado sandwiches. You're welcome.


miss teacups. said...

you're amazing.

i too listen to songs over and over and over and over...mikey doesn't get it? but i don't really 'get' re-watching movies over and over and that's something he does so i guess we're even!

i also enjoy menthols. i really only buy a pack when i'm in extreme party mode ex: weekends away at a cottage.

i never really thought about my incredibly huge owl side piece stretching out when i get pregnant until someone mentioned it to me the other day...ack! now i'm worried. though there are probably some really awesome non-tattoo-stretching creams out there and you bet that when i get pregnant, i will find them!!

you've fallen for someone? i am requesting an email update by the end of the week! please :)

also, lets plan a weekend. tell me dates that work for you in the email that you're writing me by the end of the week!

love you so much!

ps: you look absolutely freaking stunning in these photos. just sayin'

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