Sunday, September 27, 2009

coffee grounds

this morning is one of those lazy sunday mornings where it took two lattes to wake this little sleepy head up. lattes you say? how are you just drinking lattes at home? MY NEW ESPRESSO MACHINE!!!!
we got it for a wicked deal on ebay, less then half the price of buying it in The Bay.

it makes espresso has a milk frother little arm for lattes, cappuccinos and macchiatos (espresso with a little bit of foam on top). yummmm.

its so perfect and makes excellent coffee. with a regular pot of percolated coffee we always ended up wasting half the pot because bleck i can't drink more then a cup and half of perc coffee.

i have to drive home again this afternoon because i found out i have a doctors appt tomorrow that i forgot about. kind of a bummer, i hate driving on long trips by myself. i'm not very motivated to start the drive...which may account for the need for multiple doses of caffine. but on the bright side a home cooked dinner of ribs and apple crisp waits for me when i get there.
have a wonderful relaxing sunday if that is what your choosing to do!


Sarah said...

ummmm yum!

betty | said...

I don't even like coffe but these look yummy!

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