Tuesday, September 29, 2009


the colour green reminds me of grass, frogs, salads, my morning coffee cup, my nanas eyes, fields of corn and my favorite band t shirt.
i'm a big fan of the vegetables so green is the colour of many of my favorite things to eat. my favorite green food is hands down broccoli, followed by cucumber, beans, and spinach. yummmm. green is good for you.
green is a balancing colour, in the middle of the visible spectrum. the higher three colours are known as the "cool" colours and are calming in effect, the lower three are known as the "warm" colours and have a stimulating effect. green is the balance between these two. fact.

today we are listing a bunch of stuff on our ebay account. check it out -i've got a bunch of fossil watches we are selling, plus a LOVELY matt and nat grey purse, my old camera, a green fossil purse, fossil sunglasses, and some american apparel shirts. we will be updating it over the next day or two so check back often!

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Anonymous said...

Hi There! I stumbled across your blog from Poppy Talk and I love your greens. :]

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