Tuesday, September 15, 2009

yellow and red

so today was the day the internet was supposed to work or so i thought until i read the fine print and it says they have until 5pm that day to activate it. bummmmer. anyway, its 4:46 and i'm at starbucks....will i go home to magic internet access?? i can only hope.

I had three dreams last night about checking my gmail. i'm seriously deprived here.

in the mean time i had a lot of time to get some projects finished that i've been putting off. I finished a logo for a music production company...will show it once i've finalized it with the client, she still has some decisions to make about the final look.

i also made these cute little address stickers for our ebay store! i was constantly writing out our address on packages to send out across the world and i wanted something a little more professional and little cuter. here is this finished product. it was super easy, i just bought the labels at the stationary store and then logged onto the website and they had templates to follow to make sure the images lined up with the labels. the hardest part was getting the printer to figure out how to print on 6 by 4 paper.

also if you feel like being pen pals there is no excuse now....

if anyone would like be to do any design work for them i would love the opprotunity! i'm currently looking for a new job and pretty much have all the time in the world to work on anything you feel like throwing my way. we could even do a swap, my skills for your crafty works.

fingers crossed i go home now to high speed internet!


Sarah said...

isn't that picture bitchin? thanks for stoppin buy my blog :]

carly. said...

i missed you!!

love the labels, so cute.

red food colouring said...

no problem sarah i love finding new blogs!

thanks carlyyyyyy i missed reading your blog!

p.s. no internet until saturday

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