Monday, September 28, 2009

monday is YELLOOOOW

poppytalk is doing a fall colour week (Mon::Yellow; Tue::Green; Wed::Orange; Thu::Brown; Fri::Red) and i lovvvvve fall colours more then anything so i thought i would play along as well. here are my favorite yellow picks from my internet rounds..

my favorite yellow food would have to be banana popsicles. not very 'fall' like but sometimes i just crave them like crazy. like at this very moment.

my favorite yellow piece of clothing is my new matt and nat purse that i absolutely adore. its so perfect. most of my clothing is pretty nutral so i love having such an awesome coloured bag to bring some life to all my outfits. it also looks amazing with my new fall jacket that is navy blue and has a hood!

random fact: i think if i was to ever get married in such a way that i would need to decide on my wedding 'colours' i would pick yellow/gold and navy. they just go so perfectly together. but i'll probably just end up getting married in such a carefree way that it would never come up.

yellow reminds of my bedroom when i was little, sunshine, lemons, the perfect sunset, and tea towels.

tomorrow is greeeeeeen

1 comment:

jan said...

hey! thanks for playing along! cute picks!

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