Saturday, September 26, 2009

summer thunder

its raining for the first time since we moved to toronto. even though its saturday we are just staying in and watching shows. we don't have cable so the president downloads seasons of shows and i consequently get addicted to them and can't stop watching episode after episode after episode. our latest addictions have been mad men, house, entourage, jon and kate plus 8 (my guilty pleasure) and cbc documentaries.

sometimes a night curled up on the couch is better then any bar or restaraunt we shouldn't be spending money on anyway.

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carly. said...

mikey and i spent the night last night doing that as well! we were watching the last two episodes of 'six feet under' and i am soooo sad that it's over now. have you watched that?? if not, i HIGHLY recommend it. absolutely my favourite show from start to finish.

and i love that i didn't wake up hungover today...always a bonus!

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