Sunday, September 27, 2009

a lovely link list

Helloooo. so lately there have been a lot of different people viewing this blog. most coming back often enough for my stat counter to be more of a continuous rise instead of an occasional blip. i have been meaning to update my link list (in the sidebar) for a while now and would love to recognize anyone who visits my little nook of the internet. so! if you would like your blog link to appear in my sidebar leave me a little comment with your blog url and consider it done!
also, don't hesitate to comment motives me!

update: don't all comment at once now my dear secretive readers. ps i love you

1 comment:

carly. said...

hey look! it's us...haha!
i would love to be in your sidebar. i don't know how to do text as sidebar links...but if you make a cute little icon for your blog i can add you in mine as well!

ps: did you get my fbook message about setting up shop soon??

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