Monday, September 21, 2009

london fog

Good morning!

I found these adorable and very colourful little 'kitchen tidy's' this morning and had to share them. they are of course made out of porcelain and are painted the most yummy colours. they can be used for sauces, dips, resting a spoon on while cooking, a dripping tea bag when your away from the sink or so many other things...i would be tempted to hang these on the wall in the tiny space that always happens between the stove and the cupboards. so adorable.
the president and i are planning a trip home for a few days to bring another carload of our things to the big city as well as do a couple things for family at home. i'm looking forward to the long car ride and blasting the toons. its funny how i used to have to drive everywhere and was constantly in and out of the car and now we live in the city i hardly ever get to go in the car and enjoy a good drive. i miss it. i love our little car, its just the perfect little guy. he is small and for being an old car has automatic everything. except being standard...which i used to curse but now i know how to drive standard, i love it. i used to think there was no way having more things to think about when driving would be good for me, a self confessed cellphone talker/scenery looker/generally not paying attention to driving haha. BUT really and honestly driving standard is easier because it keeps my focus on what the car is doing and how fast i am going and what is coming up ahead and how fast i need to slow down.

anywayyyyyy, we are off to the country for a day or two, have a great day!

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