Tuesday, September 29, 2009


oranges on the step

i realized i hadn't been crediting my pictures the last few days and i'm not really sure why. usually i'm pretty good about that..but anyway, if i didn't credit something that you made or would like credit for please just let me know and i will fix that right up!

orange leaves

today the president is away at a job interview/information session for most of the day. i won't say much incase he decides he doesn't want the job or it doesn't work out for any reason but it would be the perfect position for him and i'm looking forward to him making some money with it.
orange rolodex

that leaves me here alone for most of the day, but i don't really mind. in fact i sort of enjoy it. i loved living alone. doing everything on my own schedule. making my own messes. thats the number one thing about living with someone else, one minute the apartment is clean and the next it look like a bomb went off. two people making messes is far greater then one person making a mess alone plus another person alone.

photo collage
button bouquet

i have a few things that i have been meaning to do and today seems like the perfect day to get it done. and well because i lovvvve lists here goes..

-clean up and organize ebay things..listed and not listed
-sew ck jeans
-experiment with sewing machine and coloured thread
-make cannelloni
-buy bamboo mats in china town
-make flash banner
-possibly do laundry
-online xmas shopping (!!!)
-organize savis sisters secret santa
-return facebook messages (sorry carly!)
-call my nana and organize a painting date
-redo nail polish
-have a friken shower already, i'm gross haha

scarf metal tote

bicycle card
cake balls

orange dress


carly. said...

geez erin!! haha, i'm just kidding...we're all busy people. whenever you get around to it...

side note: that second photo (i think) of the leaves...WOW!!! it makes me want to go outside...kind of. haha, not enough to get out of my jammies. seems like we're having the same kind of day! enjoy yours. xo!

Sarah said...

great photos! my fave is the oranges on the steps looove it

Anonymous said...

Great oranges! I just want to dive into a basket of the yarn in the last picture. It looks so soft!

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