Wednesday, February 6, 2008

anita keyhole

guess what i found today in my sketchbook?

a pay cheque! bet thats never happened to you.

recycled newspaper yarn!

from AT

i need to declutter my bedside table. here is some inspiration.

I have seen these floating shelves before and i have always been fascinated by them. they would be perfect for the candles that clutter up the the table. a trip to umbra is in order.

my sprouts are ready to eat.

today was a shitstorm of snow. the city was grinding, people think the world is going to end if they can't see the sidewalk. i wore my summer dress to cheer me up.

for some reason i can't get the pictures to load portrait instead of landscape. suck it up cupcake.

this is what toronto looks like right now.


zoeyjane said...

you can buy those floating shelves at chapters/indigo, too, for cheap. Also, Urban Barn...

And nope, I've never found a paycheque. It's always gone: count down the minutes until paycheque, have paycheque handed to me, run to the bank, buy toilet paper. For like, 13 years. ENVY.

Dave Cave said...

Anita Kehoe...don't remind me.

Your sprouts look like pubes of a yeti.

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