Sunday, February 24, 2008

if i didn't steal it

then i will always pick a black lighter. and peel the sticker off immediately and if i have the time then that stupid metal thing comes off too. but that doesn't include taking them from other people, so if i happen to have a lighter of any other colour i 100% didn't pay for it. there is nothing better then stealing a black lighter from someone.

someone recently made a very good point in telling me that if i had anything on my chest i should just do something about it. tell people the truth and not be afraid of what they will think. so this is my list.

-i steal things. but its always things i want and never just for fun. but it is fun. and anyone who has ever stolen something successfully knows that it is fun, its the people that get caught and are bitter who say its isn't.
-i watch porn. on my computer and i like it. apparently not all my roommates do this.
-i talk to myself in the mirror when i get lonely.
-i live in the past and its hard for me to visualize the future. the future scares me actually.
-i hate going to school more then anything in my life. i want out of this program but i'm smarter then that and know how much money i've already wasted so i might as well finish. but it wears me down.
-i like being stoned.
-inside i am bitter about people who get to have sex everyday. and cuddle. hmmm now i am thinking about if i had to choose between sex or cuddleing. probably sex. but it would have to be meaningful sex....okay hm this question is unresolved.

alright. so thats what i can think of for now. its nice to purge.

1 comment:

zoeyjane said...

as long as you're not having meaningful sex while watching porn and lighting fires with a stolen black lighter, pausing every few seconds to talk to yourself in the mirror because you're stoned.

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