Tuesday, February 12, 2008

ansel adams is my new hero

we are hosting a party this friday, hopefully its not too much of a shit show and everyone goes to bed at a reasonable hour. i have to get up for work the next day at 7 so i will most definitely be moderating my alcohol consumption. the food is going to be so good.

She Does the City Party Tip:
"Tip: if you’ve got a bit of wine leftover (apparently this happens to some people), pour it into an ice cube tray and freeze. Perfect size to add to a sauce. Le voila."

left over wine? pffff. no such thing.

D and i were discussing how fine of a balance it takes for a blog to be successful. you see there is a catch 22 in that if you spend alot of time on your blog, then most likely you have no life, and therefore your blog is boring as fuck. on the other hand, if your busy all the time then your blog goes to shambles because you could never write down all of the amazing things you do with your time. there is a perfect balance, but few have attained it.

take my blog hero Raymi for example. her only job is blogging. and the only reason she gets to have this amazing job is because the rest of her life is interesting enough (and she has the writing talent to make it interesting) to support this as her job. does that make sense?
same with super models. if my only job was to look smoking hot and model clothes i wouldn't eat either.

that doesn't explain people like Oprah though. she has all the help in the world and she still can't loose weight or look good without a foot of makeup on her. apparently money can't buy you will power.

this is the first V day i will spend boyfriend-less since before i lost my virginity. no word of a lie. i am not looking forward to it. the oxymoron of the whole situation is, when i had a boyfriend i never really cared for the holiday but now that i don't.... every single stupid heart or cupid i see makes me feel all 'whoa is me' about myself. fuck it. akakjdkdkj i'm buying myself something for valentines day. something nice. i'm trying to keep my mind off of negative things but i just don't have anything else to think about. i think thats why deep down i always had a boyfriend. i never developed the skills to entertain myself and having someone else to think about/worry about/help out/clean up after/go places with/call me/do nice things for me just kind of filled a void that i couldn't do myself. okay self reflection time is over.

i am taking a self imposed snow day tomorrow and i'm going to try not to feel guilty about it. realistically the day will be filled with homework anyway so its really all the same.

spring break countdown= 48 hours.


zoeyjane said...

all that boyfriend alone hearts stuff? totally concur.

ps raymi does other stuff too, her books, painting, extra-ing, etc.

raymi lauren said...

did you read lullabies yet? it is amazing!

red food colouring said...

i'm half way done. it is soo good. im so addicted to it i can hardly put it down.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled on your blog looking for Ansel Adams - and unfortunately found nothing here of interest. Worse still, your spelling is appalling. Please use a spelling/grammar checker: not only will you keep a literate readership, but you'll learn something, too.

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